BINARY OPTIONS LTD is an investment brokerage setup to manage and grow individual Invested funds through Financial trading. BINARY OPTIONS LTD manages individual funds with our product "VirtualWorldPro" the automated trading software and thecollective effort of our expert traders. As such, Binary Options LTD offers investors consistent income through our investment platform.

Binary option trading has gained somuch popularity in recent times due to its simplicity and its high reward ratio. But can also result in huge loss if one trades without the right techniques and mindset. In order to stay consistently profitable in binary option trading, you should make sure you study well first. The goodnews is, Binary Options Ltd provides you the solution to earn while you learn.

That's why we have introduced aninvestment platform and with the support of our expert traders and our Ultimate Virtual world pro software, our goal is to help all sizes of investors generate wealth consistently with peace of mind.

At Binary Options Ltd, our goal is to help investors achieve their individual goals by helping them secure and attain financial freedom. We believe in transparency and consistency. That's why for over 2 years, we still remain the best financial investment firm.

Binary Options Ltd was incorporated in 2017 under the companies Act 2006 as a private company, our office is situated in England, with the address below:

20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N17GU.
Company number: 10561022

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We Provide Two Services:

  1. VIRTUALWORLDPRO (automated trading software): You can trade with our highly accurate signal software called Virtual WorldPro (which gives you 95% win rate).

  2. BINARY OPTIONS LTD INVESTMENT PLATFORM: You can join our investment platform, where you invest with us and we trade on your behalf. Here, we will assign team of professional traders tomake profit for you.You will get up to 15% profit after 24hours or 100% after 5days, and if it goes wrong, you get 100% refunded to you.This investment platform is suitable for traders that don't have the time to trade.


As you may know, Binary option itself is a fast and extremely simple financial instrumentwhich allows investors to speculate on whether the price of an asset will go up or down in the future within a particular time span; usually 60 seconds, With up to 70-95% ROI, making it very lucrative and possible to trade many times per day across any global market.


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Binary Options Ltd is a company registered in England (No. 10561022).
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